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A Space For Entrepreneurs.

The Business Minds is our Private community exclusively for members.

We are growing a space just for entrepreneurs and business owners where they can connect with each other to move their goals forward.  
Our value as a community starts with our action-based simple to execute courses that all focus on helping entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their business.
You have full access to a library of action guides that walk you through setting up everything from your digital & social marketing all the way to conducting market research and launching a new product or service.   

Growth Resources

 We provide all our members with an ever growing library of courses, action guides and resources all geared towards helping you grow your business.

✔️ Our thought leaders are always on hand to point you towards the resource you need to help you achieve your next business goal.

✔️ We add a new growth resource every month and you always have full access to them as long as you are a member.

✔️ We add at least one new growth resource every month and you always have full access to them as long as you are a member.

Whether you need ideas for a big marketing campaign, want feedback on your sales copy, need help pricing a product, or want to vent about a frustrating business experience, we’re there for you.

Example of video course material taken from our Google Ads Course:

Sample from: Entrepreneur Mindset Course 

The Inner Critic 

Your mindset and its beliefs can be totally unconscious. It's not always easy
to identify them, but that's what must be done in order to draw them out.
For many people, a negative mindset manifests itself as an "inner critic."
This is an inner voice or private conversation that occurs in your mind on
continuous repeat mode behind your conscious thoughts.

Your inner critic tells you that you're wrong, you're bad at the task at hand,
you're inadequate, or you lack the worth you see in other successful
individuals. It acts as a judge, condemning you to failure at every turn.
Some people are aware of this inner critic while others aren't. Even if you're
aware of this voice, you may be at a loss for how to deal with it. Many
people believe that the inner critic is themselves talking. They mistakenly
identify with it and this is why it's so good at sabotaging your life and
thwarting your chances for success.

All of us have an inner critic. The first step to cultivating a mindset for
success is to become aware of these negative thoughts and the impact they
have on you. Once you've become aware of this inner voice, you've taken
the first step toward releasing its grip on you.

The wonderful thing about mindset is that it's malleable. It can be developed
or evolved. The negative mindset that's holding you back was shaped
through experiences in the past and learned habits of thinking. Through
even the smallest shifts in awareness or thinking habits, you can make
profound differences, and eventually take control of your mindset and steer
it toward positivity and success.

What You Will Learn in This Course

By the time you finish this course, you will be able to:
➢ Define and adopt a mindset for growth and success which will allow you
to unlock your untapped potentials
➢ Dispel limiting beliefs that you learned from school, work, or other
negative experiences that are holding you back from achieving greater
success and happiness
➢ Identify and apply entrepreneurial mindsets and key ways of thinking that
will enable you to do what you really want to do in your professional or
personal life
➢ Create a plan to further develop your mindset so that you can watch your
business expand to new levels that you hadn't previously thought possible.

Each core course comes with an action guide so you can implement what you are learning as you go. You can also ask questions and get help or guidance from your new community.

Learning Activity:

1. Schedule 15-20 minutes today to do this exercise. Make sure it is during
a time when you have no distractions. Close your eyes and imagine the
type of life you’d love to have if anything were possible.

➢ Does your ideal life include more vacations, more money, or better
relationships? Write down the characteristics of your ideal life in the
worksheet provided.

➢ For each characteristic, close your eyes and think about what each looks
like for you. For example, if you have "financial freedom" as one
characteristic, what does that actually mean for you? Does that mean
having your house paid for by the time you are 45? Does that mean

having your children’s schooling paid for? Does that mean earning a six-
figure salary? Write these down in the worksheet.

➢ As you are thinking about each of these, pay close attention to the
thoughts that come. Are all your thoughts positive? These could be
thoughts like "I've got a steady pipeline of new business, and my new
marketing program is really doing great. It’s totally feasible that I could
make 20% more this year." Or are there other intrusive thoughts that pop
up? These could be things like: "Yeah, right - a six-figure salary! Who do
you think you are?"

➢ Write all of your positive and negative thoughts down in the columns in
the table in the workbook. This exercise may take some time. Many
people have trouble differentiating between the inner critic and their
actual thoughts, so if you have not uncovered any inner critic thoughts,
this may be the case for you. The key to this exercise is to become aware
of your inner voice.

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Our Promise

We believe in the community we are building and want you to as well. We promise to keep our content and community focused on helping you achieve your business goals. We define business goals as more then just bottom line but also your mental/physical health, Work/Life Balance, Personal finance, business law. We promise our thought leaders will lead the way in making our community one that helps build up the entrepreneurs and business owners of tomorrow. 

The Business Minds is a space for business owners to grow, connect and partner with a community that was designed to help them achieve their business goals.

Christopher Shaw | Founder/CEO

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